Our Vfinity products are formulated with the most innovative weight management science using ‘best-in-class’ ingredients. Each Vfinity V3 diet pills and other products fully supports your body as part of your weight management program, each works synergistically with each other, and each promotes a healthy balance for a total lifestyle transformation system. Along with proper nutrition and exercise, Vfinity’s health and wellness program is designed to put you back in charge.V3 Original takes a different approach to weight loss than most diet pills. Instead of reducing appetite alone, V3 targets certain neurotransmitters in the brain that deal with satiety, energy, alertness, focus, and fullness. Targeting these five pathways shows to be much more conducive to long-term weight loss without rebounding than appetite suppression alone. When certain receptors are pacified there is less of an urge to satisfy them with food as is often the case when dieting. V3 diet pills help keep the bodys metabolic functions in a normal state when taking in fewer calories helping to prevent the metabolic shut down that often occurs. This allows you to avoid the plateau stage that usually sabotages continued weight loss success.

Voices of Vfinity! from Vfinity Inc on Vfinity V3 diet pills.

VSkinny Pak  

Skinny As Easy As 1-2-3


  • V1 Skinny Smoothie – Weight Wellness Meal Support*
  • V2 Skinny Greens – Nature’s Super Foods*
  • V3ORIGINAL – Maximum Energy, Mood, and Appetite Control*

V1 Skinny Smoothie

Infinite Nourishment


  • Sustain Energy With Superior Protein*
  • Promote Weight Loss by Igniting Your Metabolism*
  • Build, Restore, and Maintain Lean Muscle*
  • Weight Wellness Meal Support*

V2 Skinny Greens

Infinite Balance


    • Detoxify, Alkalize, and Cleanse For Optimal Balance*
    • Nourishes Your Body With The Finest Herbal Extracts*
  • Lower Your Cravings*


Infinite Energy

We boast superior, effective weight management support with the triple action of V3ORIGINAL. It goes beyond weight loss; V3ORIGINAL will boost energy, revitalize mood, and help control appetite!* Experience the infinite power of V3ORIGINAL. It’s time to take skinny to the power of three with this powerhouse blend of vitamins and unique ingredients to initiate total weight management support. Take charge of your body and find out how good skinny feels!




  • Enhances Vitality and Stamina*
  • Amps Up Your Metabolism*
  • Helps Suppress Your Appetite*


Infinite Rejuvenation


  • Rejuvenates and activates beneficial bacteria and microflora in your digestive system*
  • Supports absorption of micro and macro nutrients, Vitamins and minerals by supporting the regrowth of intestinal mucosa*


Instant Coffee with Instant Results.*



  • Enhances Vitality and Stamina*
  • Amps Up Your Metabolism*
  • Slams Hunger*
  • Elevates Mood & Happiness*
  • Robust Flavor & Aroma